Please Stop the Senseless Mexican Discrimination!

Our poor Mexican brothers and sisters were the first to fall victim to the Swine Flu. Mexico City was not prepared; there was no alert from the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, the fatalities continue; and to add insult to injury, many in this country are taking the opportunity to blame Mexicans for the virus. I have received various emails and have seen numerous highly insulting comments on websites, articles, and blogs throughout the Internet. Here is what one ignorant poster commented as a response to commentary from an article on The Denver Post website:

I agree with your statement that their race has NOTHING to do with this. The fact that they are here illegally and eminate from a country that has now given us this deadly disease is what matters. The name of the disgusting country means nothing. The fact that our “leaders” allowed million of citizens from a swine-producing third world nation to infiltrate our country means EVERYTHING.

To make things worse on the discrimination front, the WHO has now changed the name of the virus to the Mexican Flu because “most recent research on swine flu has shown that the virus is not caused by pigs.” Many ignorant people, of course, are taking this to mean that the WHO feels it is caused by Mexicans.

The WHO name change comes after an Israeli official, Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman, said at a news conference on Monday that the reference to pigs is offensive and “we should call this Mexican flu and not swine flu.” This was also reported in the news yesterday morning on MSNBC. While I appreciate being cognitive of religious sensitivities, Mr. Litzman is not being sensitive to the prejudicial implications of this name change.

At a time of crisis we should be uniting as brothers and sisters in humanity and not being divisive with a foolish show of ignorance and discrimination.

3 comments on “Please Stop the Senseless Mexican Discrimination!

  1. James on said:

    This is very true, this is a time to aid all people and race/ethnicity has no reason to be included in this. However, the new strain of flu is officially designated as the H1N1 virus, not the Mexican flu.

  2. Ricardo A. López on said:

    James, you are right, I reacted to articles I read (two of which I linked) and emails I received; but, thankfully, the media is not calling it the Mexican flu. H1N1 is a bit of a mouthful; my guess is that the virus will continue to be referred to as the Swine flu. Thanks for posting!

  3. Stephanie Valdez on said:

    Read Ruben Navarrette, Jr.’s, national syndicated columnist @ San Diego Union-Tribune, April 30, 2009 article entitled “Calm down – swine flu isn’t an immigration issue”. Great piece that is right on! Click on the following URL: Enjoy.

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