Why are there so many Americans against Latino immigration?

The U.S. Census reports that the number of American Indians or Alaska natives represents 1.5% of the total population of the United States. The other 98.5% of the American people must, by definition, be composed of immigrants or descendants of immigrants. In a country where almost everyone comes from somewhere else, why are we so insistent on restricting immigration? Who decided that the people already here “legally” are okay to stay, but anyone else does not belong? Unfortunately, most of the resistance is directed towards Latino immigration because we are the newer immigrant group; yet, if you analyze this a bit, Latinos are perhaps more entitled to this land. Please hold on the casting of stones for a minute or two.

Most of the new immigrants coming to our country are Latinos from Mexico and Central America; and most of them end up settling in the Southwest. If you take a good look at the typical Mexican or Central American immigrant you cannot help but notice that they have dark skin, dark hair, and other features that are consistent with the characteristics of the American natives. Many are, in fact, direct descendants of two great native Indian civilizations: the Aztecs and the Mayas. In addition, most of what is now the Southwest was annexed to the U.S. in the 1840s under the so called Manifest Destiny- a mistaken and now outdated belief in which the U.S. was said to be “divinely ordained” to expand its territory by taking over land. Interestingly, most of the land that was annexed under Manifest Destiny was already inhabited by the people we now call Mexicans. Why are we so perturbed today in seeing Mexicans crossing over a border that we imposed on them to reach a land that was originally theirs?

I know, I know, I’m simplifying quite a bit; but I’m just trying to make a point. In reality, the conquest of the West was much more convoluted and one can argue that we were defending Mexicans against other oppressive conquerors like Spain and France. It is also a known fact that Mexicans were on both sides of the conflict. The Battle of the Alamo, for example, was fought by Mexicans on both sides… but I digress. What I’m trying to say here is that if we study the reasons behind the strong feelings against illegal immigration with our analytical side of the brain we may conclude that the only reason why anyone in the U.S. would be opposed to immigration is because it does not make economic sense. However, many analysts have concluded that illegal immigration does not pose a negative effect on the U.S. economy.

The most respected recent studies show that most Americans would notice little difference in their paychecks if illegal immigrants suddenly disappeared from the United States. That’s because most Americans don’t directly compete with illegal immigrants for jobs. … Illegal immigrants seem to have very little impact on unemployment rates. Undocumented workers certainly do take jobs that would otherwise go to legal workers. But undocumented workers also create demand that leads to new jobs. They buy food and cars and cell phones, they get haircuts and go to restaurants. On average, there is close to no net impact on the unemployment rate. … There are places in the United States where illegal immigration has big effects (both positive and negative). But economists generally believe that when averaged over the whole economy, the effect is a small net positive. Harvard’s George Borjas says the average American’s wealth is increased by less than 1 percent because of illegal immigration. (Excerpts from Q&A: Illegal Immigrants and the U.S. Economy by Adam Davidson – NPR / http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5312900)

I propose that the negative feelings against illegal immigration have little to do with what can be surmised using our analytical brain. My contention is that these strong opinions against illegal immigration are being fueled by an emotional response to the way Latino immigration is affecting the American culture. People have difficulty coping with change and it is always hard to simply accept unsolicited change. The Latino culture has grown very rapidly and many Americans feel that their own way of life is being threatened by what foreigners are imposing. And, as I mentioned on my prior post, immigrants are no longer melting into one amalgamated pot. Ignorance regarding the Hispanic culture also results in fear, prejudice, and discrimination.

So, if you are Hispanic and people say to you “why don’t you go back to where you came from?…,” remember that they may not be rejecting you as much as they are trying to protect themselves; but then again, you may have to answer as Paul Rodriguez did in one of his stand-up comedy skits- Do you mean El Paso?

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  1. Hugo Lembert on said:


    You touch on many issues here, but overall, I agree with your assessment of the Latino condition in the United States.

    You are absolutely correct in stating that resistance toward Latin American immigrants are attributed to physical and cultural differences that many fear in this country. I do think, however, that this fear would slowly ease down as we integrate and educate our non-Latino brothers and sisters. However, as we go through this process, we must be mindful of the fact that as long as Latin American leaders fail to take BOLD steps to remedy the economic, political and sociological condition of Latin America, the immigration flow to the US will remain. Hence, a certain amount of fear will persist.

    The Latino integration process is taking way much longer than other ethnic groups such as the Irish, Italians, Jews and Eastern Europeans to name a few. This may partially attributed to the fact that prior groups shared similar physical characteristics.

    The resistance Latinos face in this country has encouraged most to cherish their cultural identity, as they learn the ways of their new home. Historical, political, economic and social ties as well as technology (which instantly provide updates and facilitate cultural exchange) fuel the bi-cultural nature of today’s new bicultural American – the American Latino/ Hispanic American/ Latino.

  2. Judy Hoffman on said:

    Living in South Florida, and traveling often, I am emotionally confused as to why re all of this. Simply makes no sense from a social justice perspective. I am often in Haiti, and if you think there are issues re resistance to Latinos (and Mayans as many choose to use as self-identification), have a look at what is going on re Haitians here. My one ‘hat’ is re www.artforhaitianchildren.org and I get mired in sadness. As someone who had immigrant grandparents, it is just not fair (and I know that I sound like an idealist, which I am). As a marketing research colleague, I can understand all of the rational issues that you reference. And so, what do we all do???

    Judy Hoffman
    Profile Marketing Research

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  4. gale on said:

    Americans do not have a problem with legal immigrants being in this country, America was founded on immigrants. America does however have a problem with ILLEGALS that come to this country. There are laws set in place for every one that wants to come to America and it is for all, not just everyone else and not to include Latino’s, but for every person that wants to come to America. Let all the illegals go back home and come to America the proper route and there would not be any hating on illegals, because there would be none. Problem solved!

  5. Terri on said:

    For all the Americans who are opposed to immigration or who say people should just go home & come here the legal way, well not everyone was fortunate enough to be born to someone who came here the “legal” way. Let’s discuss that for a second. I am descedant of Native American & Irish & believe me those who settled this great country did not come here the “legal” way. They murdered my ancestors for this land. Just because it was done over 100 years ago does not make it legal. Don’t be stupid to think that just because you were born here, you are better than anyone else on the planet. My husband came here illegally & believe me has put in his dues to become an American. He worked much harder than any idiot who had the luxury of being conceived in this country. I take pride in this country as my family are true Americans, but I don’t take for granted the poverty and war of other countries and feel it is our American duties to put ourselves in their place. Once we stop being compassionate to others, we lose alittle bit of America!

  6. Constance Mason on said:

    I believe the reason that most Americans, I cannot speak for all Americans, but many that I know, are frustrated and fed up with Latino immigration (illegal) is their arrogant and entitled attitude. I feel as many do, that there is a reluctance on many Latinos part to integrate into American cutlure, by learning basic English, customs, and lifestyle. I am not expecting Latinos to give up their culture, but to respect the culture they are living in and propose to want to begin a new and better life in. As an Amerian woman, I am disrespected constantly by Latino men who apparently have not learned manners towards American women and seem to think we are open for anything. In fact, this in my personal experience is the main reason why I feel negatively towards Latinos. In addition, I am disturbed by the lack of respect for the citizenship process. There seems to be a belief that entering our country illegally and staying is a right. Where this arrogance comes from I do not know? I am amazed by it. In my own experience with the illegal immigration issue, and living around it as an AMerican citizen, it is not that I dislike Latinos in my country or their culture, it is the disrespect they seem to show our American culture and law that disturbs me.

  7. Lynn on said:

    I’m a legal American citizen. My family were legal immigrants who came from Ireland, England and Scotland originally hundreds of years ago. My father, my grandparents and their parents were all farm workers who picked vegetables, oranges and cotton out in the fields – they were all caucasion and worked extremely hard for hardly any money. My parents and grandparents all lived in Riverside, CA, where I grew up as well. Generations of our family lived in Riverside over the decades and there was a certain way of life we came to know and cherish. Throughout the years we were involved in the community, and cared loyally for it and for our neighbors. We kept ourselves informed on local issues and voted regularly. We were proud of our community and kept our yards and neiborhood clean. Then all of a sudden it seemed in the early 1990′s we started getting these strange phone calls at all hours of the day and night – they were Hispanic men and women who could barely speak English – and they were asking us if we wanted to sell our homes. They started leaving business cards and flyers on our doors. They seemed to become more and more aggresive in their pursuit of homes in the area. Gradually we noticed several Hispanic families start to move in to the neiborhood. And gradually we noticed that approximately niney-five percent of them were leaving trash in their yards and would just toss beer bottles and garbage out, not only in their own front lawns – but in ours as well. To our surprise many of our other new Hispanic neibors were actually erecting fences around their front yards made of garishly-painted beat-up old garage doors. After continually being awoken by blood-curdling screaming roosters in the night – we discovered what they were trying to hide behind those ugly fences – not only were they in the illegal cock-fighting business – but they were also illegally housing several large Mexican families in their chicken coups as well! Sure it could be annoying at times, but we grinned and bared it. They were actually very nice people – that is whenever we were able to communicate with them. They seemed to have little interest in learning English. Their young school-going children sometimes act as translator for them. I have since, left the nest. But my father and grandmother remain in the old neighborhood – (the others lived their until they died). They, along with three other families, are now the only minority caucasions left in the neighborhood. Over the years my father has tried to help his Hispanic neibors clean up their yards and tried to help them be aware of recycling – but, somehow, they never quite get it. He’s also tried to talk with them about local issues and community involvement and how important it is to vote, etc. – but they continue to show no interest at all. Whenever my father and I talk on the phone on weekends he has to close all the windows and try to find a quite spot in the middle of the house because the neighbors are always having huge noisy fiestas playing live Mexican/Polka music in their yards. He’s gotten use to wearing earplugs at night so he can try and sleep. Of course the smell of seared goat meat strung up in the neibors front yard is another thing he’s still trying to get used to. Whenever I go back to Riverside now to visit my family and the place where I grew up – I feel like I’m entering a foreign country. It is virtually unrecognizable. My culture seems to have been almost completely wiped out. Ninety percent of the places my family and I used to go to are now covered with Hispanic-language signs, and the last four times my father and I went out to eat at a restaurant – we were the only caucasions there and they had to bring out special staff for us who could speak English! Witnessing these changes over the years has been absolutely mind-boggling – I’m just wondering what any of the Hispanics out there reading this could say to help me understand what has happened.

  8. ford expert on said:

    thanks for keeping me up to date on this subject.

  9. Randy Cuellar on said:

    Thank you so much for this article Ricardo. You hit the nail on the head with your conclusion that the main reason is based in fear……and in my opinion, ignorance. People are so afraid of what they don’t know. I think there is still a good deal of straight out racism, but it’s mostly fear. There is NO WAY your average American worker is going to pick vegetables or wash dishes. Look at the construction industry in Southern California. I bet 80% of small construction companies hire illegal help. California is a hard enough place to make a living if you follow all the requirements for contracting. Hiring a skilled construction worker just adds to the already high cost of bonds, liability insurance and workman’s comp. With the construction business in the tank this really makes it difficult to make a profit. We need to make it easier to get work visas and allow more workers if we want them to be legal. We are NEVER going to stop illegal immigration so we should make it easier for them to do it legally. We forget how much aliens contribute to our local economies. They still have to buy goods here, and they do. We can go on and on about the social programs, but we should first start with this and address the other issues as we go. Bottom line we need to allow more work visas, and not fear our friends from south of the boarder. One comment I heard was that until Mexico and other Latin governments fix their own situations to make immigration from there own countries people will continue to immigrate here. I don’t think they necessary want to embrace our culture and traditions but they have to support their families. I ask that those of you that are so anti immigration also consider the fact that the southwest WAS Mexico and what was done to the Native Americans is no different then what was done to the Mexicans. Don’t fear change, understand it and look for solutions.

  10. Constance Mason touches on what I think is the essential cultural problem in why many Americans react negatively to Latinos. The arrogant and entitled attitude is despicable. And it is very prevalent. Language, law, loyalty — speaking English, respecting the law, loyalty to the country. Many Latinos don’t seem to respect any of that. Many do, but being around the many ignorant that don’t, one starts to form impressions and stereotypes and gets upset about what appears to be dragging the culture and the economy down on a personal experience level. I’ve lived in Latino neighborhoods as a Caucasian man and have had a lot of negative experience of what seems like Latino ethnocentricism. Lighting off fire works frequently, playing loud music, frequent gang activity, groups of guys drinking on their porch and hooting and yelling, not cleaning up your trash — this has been the norm in lower-income urban neighborhoods where Latinos are the main ethnicity. It’s a personal etiquette thing, like harassing women on the street, or lighting off fire works, or blasting mariachi music all day while people want some quiet, that causes so much of the negative reaction. Have some more respect of people’s privacy and community and so many Americans won’t grow to hate Latinos the way they do, but will respect them as valuable members of the American melting pot.

  11. Another thing I think worth looking into is how much Latino illegal immigration drags down the ability of the American worker to organize labor and negotiate a higher wage and bring up the standard of living of the working and middle class. Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers I believe also opposed illegal immigration, because illegals broke up the ability for labor to organize in this country because they offered their labor for so cheap and contributed to a black extralegal non-taxed market. From what I know I think in the 1960s and 70s so many Mexicans were able to get into the US because of the large corporate demand for cheap labor, and to break up the power of US organized labor. I think Latinos who came to this country fairly, who try to learn the language, who respect the laws, and have loyalty to the US should also oppose illegal immigration in the same way Cesar Chavez did, because in the end it hurts everybody and lowers the quality of living. I think the solution goes more to the source, education, of helping to improve the educational structure of Latin America so that so many ignorant Latinos don’t come to the US in the first place and lower the reputation of the hardworking Latinos who really are loyal to America and what it stands for. No matter what race or culture, America does not need more unskilled, ignorant, resentful people who aren’t contributing to the society, but who with their attitude, racism, bad behavior, and prejudice bring down the quality of life to the country they are asking for the privilege of living in.

  12. hey I posted some very relevant comments on this website, but they were erased. It seems like somebody can’t handle the truth.

    Here’s some more relevant info for you, according to the PEW hispanic research center the number of hispanics that think unfavorably of Americans is 3 times greater than the number of Americans that think unfavorably of latinos.

    Why don’t you leave posted my original comments?

  13. my original comments were respectful, but suggested there’s another way of looking at all this, a way of responsibility that some people choose to ignore

  14. the comments just showed up, thanks

  15. Ricardo A. López on said:

    Tom, Thanks for posting. The comments were never erased; they were just waiting for approval. I had to attend to some personal issues and was unable to go through my email. You are now approved to post without needing approval. All legitimate posts that do not include profanity or unnecessary rudeness will always be approved.

    BTW, I do think you make some excellent points. My sister lives in a very Latino neighborhood and she is always complaining about the raucous behavior of some of her neighbors. I agree that their lack of sensitivity to the American culture (even if based on ignorance and not purpose) causes discrimination issues.

    Many years ago for an economics course in graduate school I wrote a paper on the economics of Hispanic discrimination. In order to explain discrimination through an economics model (which is said to be impossible to do) I defined discrimination as “the act of consuming prejudice” and made “prejudice” a product. I then said that Latinos “produced prejudice” in order to get to keep their culture and heritage. I reasoned that it was important for them to play loud music and in doing so produced prejudice. Non-Hispanics “consumed prejudice” by engaging in discrimination. Anyway… I did not get an A; but I thought that the whole thing was clever. Maybe my professor was consuming prejudice? :-) [Just joking... He was one of the best professors I had]

  16. Brimragen on said:

    The problem is that latinos are arrogant and think they are so much better than everyone else. If you see a latino in an online game he is the one being nasty to all other players because of his big ego. And they seem to think its normal to be a nasty stupid wanker to everyone and that their actions should not cause hatred toward them.
    I hate latinos because of this. Its not racism its pure hatred aimed at all latinos because of their behavior, good on america for not wanting this kind of scum in their country.

  17. Andy T. on said:

    concerning the question: “Why are there so many Americans against Latino immigration?”

    People that consider themselves to be Americans and American-acting
    people feel out of place in the presence of most Mexicans.

    Given that I myself am part Hispanic, I can’t relate to most Mexicans,
    they act different, they talk loud, they speak incessantly in Spanish all the time, some won’t learn English.

    I’m a mixed race, and I’ve had prejudice directed at me
    from all 3 race groups, [Blacks, Whites, Latinos].

    Ornery looking (Mexican) gardeners (in my neighborhood)
    give me dirty looks and act like they want to beat me up.

    A lot of “hispanics” give me that shocked “saw-a-ghost”
    look when I speak to them in English.

    In my own neighborhood people stereotype me and won’t even
    give me a job because they think that I’m another illegal;
    They’ve seen so many that they think that I’m one too.

    Not that it’s completely the fault of immigrants, it’s just that
    every single restaurant and store job is already taken by
    Latinos with heavy accents.

    I’ve been homeless and unemployed for over 7 years.
    I just can’t get anyone to relate to me.

    The White (and black) employers ignore my applications;
    Some employers have even insulted me during a few interviews.

    The solution to America’s problems is NOT to bring in more
    Spanish speakers.

  18. S. Little on said:

    Just where do you get the idea that a nation does not have the right to discriminate who comes into their country and who does not! People try to cast this as a civil rights issue but for it to be a civil right you have to be a part of the civitas to begin with. In case anyone is interested, the National Immigration Act of 1965 was sold to the American people on the basis that it would not alter the demographics in this country. Sorry, but that was 89% white, like it or not. Amercans have a right to preserve our culture. The IMMIGRATION ACT of 1965 is a huge failure demographically, politically, culturally, economically, and was TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!!!!! While it is true that we are a nation of immigrants, most people are willfully ignorant of the fact that there were serious restrictions even then. It was insisted upon that immigrants AMERICANIZE! Other countries were not allowed to dump their poor here. Paupers were screened out as well as those carrying disease. Any waves of immigration were followed by extensive lulls in further immigration!!!! Those that could not make it here were by necessity, forced to leave. They were not subsidized by the American taxpayer if they were unable to make a go of it. The emphasis in most countries is on skills a country needs, not family reunification for aliens that run across the border for the sole purpose of obtaining citizenship via the birth canal for their offspring so they can obtain a foot in the door for their extended family. Which by the way is totally unfair to anyone else seeking legal immigration. There is a simple solution to family reunification: GO HOME. Our country needs to stop this nonsense of diversity and multiculturalism as it does nothing but cause dissension and stife. Why do it? It is unnecessary and asking for huge problems. It has never worked. The large majority of the illegal immigrants are illiterate even in their own language. Forget speaking English. Now we have to hire bilingual teachers for these children thanks to our liberal Supreme Court all to the detriment of American children. It is an insult to the poor in America, mostly blacks, that are now becoming a permanent underclass. Illegal immigrants should get NO SUBSIDY: No food stamps, no rent subsidy, no tuition breaks, no AID to families with dependent children, no free school lunches, no medicare, no SSI, etc. AD NAUSEUM! And last, the lie that we stole this land from Mexico needs to stop! We paid 15 million dollars for it!!! We are importing a cultural that has no respect for the rule of law. Mexico is a corrupt country and bribery and subverting the law is deeply ingrained in the culture. Of what benefit is it to import it here? That is precisely what is wrong with Mexico. If this trend continues there will be 100 million more people in this country in 30 to 50 years and this will be an illiterate third world country!!!!!!! Where are they all going to live and what about water and other natural resources. It is an unmitigated disaster!!!! Balkanization of America is already underway. We have entire cities that are MEXICAN or BLACK or ISLAMIC. This country is becoming completely polarized. Now we need sharia law. OH, REALLY!!!! It is a lie that we cannot deport illegals. Eisenhower did it quite well in the 1950′s. In short, 1,300,000 either left this country voluntarily or where deported DEEP into Mexico. No catch and release. By the end of 1950 the illegal immigration had been reduced by 95%. NO other country has the STUPID asinying immigration policy that we have currently. If Americans do not wise up, they won’t recognize this country in another 30 years. But then again, that is exactly what orgainzations like LA RAZA, one of the most racist organization in all of America, and the Muslim Brotherhood are counting on. National suicide on the part of America! And BTW, I could care less if you are required to carry your papers on your person. If stopped, I have to show all kinds of insurance, drivers license and car registration. SO TOUGH! In conclusion, this country needs a moratorium on all immigration including the 200,000 we take in legally EVERY MONTH! And we desperately need another OPERATION WETBACK. Sorry, but that was the name of it and I oould care less about being politically correct. That is what is destroying my country. Hope that answers your question!

  19. Ricardo A. López on said:

    Thanks for posting. Your are absolutely right in that we used to insist on “Americanizing” or “melting into the pot.” That is no longer the case. My contention is that, like it or not, we not only allow diversity, we celebrate it. The problem is that we cannot promote diversity and Americanize at the same time. As a country we need to decide what we want. The truth is that we not only allow people to come in, we invite them by giving them jobs and benefits (I think your post supports that). Then we get mad because they accepted our “invitation.” My point is that the anger is misplaced.

  20. S. Little on said:

    Not entirely Ricardo, but first, I will say this. There is considerable anger at our Government because they will not enforce the rule of law. However, there has also been a change in the attitude of the immigrants that are coming here, and that attitude is that they are entitled to be here. When Arizona passed its law aimed at better immigration enforcement, I seem to remember 70,000 protestors waiving a bunch of green and red flags in the breeze. There is now a concerted effort by the Latino aliens to take back the Southwest which they contend was stolen from them. Talk about foreign allegiances! Seems to me their loyalty lies with Mexico. I don’t think under the circumstances, they are good candidates for American citizenship and that has not gone unnoticed by Americans. I realize that is not true of every immigrant but it is a very disturbing and increasing trend.

    What should be obvious to everyone, even the hispanic citizenry of this country, is that the onslaught of illegals entering this country cannot continue. The sheer numbers just do not work. The last time I looked, America is flat broke so there is no way we can continue to take on Mexico’s poverty problem. We have enough poverty of our own to deal with. Entitlements are through the roof. But what really disturbs me the most, is the position that because American businesses have been complicit in drawing illegal aliens here, the citizens of this country are somehow morally stuck with the outcome. American citizens never acquiecsed to the invasion of our country by foreign nationals. Everytime efforts are made to put some real teeth into enforcement whether it is through e-verify or local enforcement or deportation, then the opposition starts screaming racism. That is not fair.

    BTW,I do not think it is “main stream” America that is promoting multiculturalism either. I would contend that this is an invention of the community-organizing, liberal left. A good example is Jose Gutierrez. If I remember correctly, he was one of the first in the 1970′s to take over the educational system in Crystal, Texas. He implemented ethnic studies, bilingual teachers, hispanic contributions, etc. While this may appear harmless on the surface, it is the intention behind it that is not. It is clearly divisive and meant to foster and maintain a separate cultural identity. Gutierrez has a huge chip on his shoulder, unapologetically promotes hispanic supremecy and the reconquest of the American Southwest, and is about as racist as they come. He is now a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington and is still spewing his poison in our educational institutions. Unfortunately, he is an American citizen, and a disgrace at that.

  21. Jennifer Sweet on said:

    Let’s get one thing clear once and for all. Everyone needs to realize that when the Mexicans run around claiming that the Southwest belongs to them they look more and more like idiots.

    Are we supposed to believe that had the Mexicans been in control of the Southwest or any other part of the United States all of these years that they would have done something different with it than they have done with ALL OF THE REST OF MEXICO.??? I think not. Had they had possession of the Southwest or any other part of these beautiful Unites States all of these years then it too would be corrupt and a #$%^ hole just like the rest of Mexico. So I for one am so grateful that the Mexicans don’t have possession of it. If they did, then they would NOW be running from the SOUTHWEST as well.

    So please stop with nonsense. Get a grip on yourselves and have enough pride to start demanding from YOUR GOVERNMENT WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU CHOOSE, AND STOP INVADING AMERICA WITH ALL OF YOUR B.S. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU.

    YOU have the AUDACITY to come here by breaking our laws and then on top of it DEMANDING we give you things for free. Are you kidding me. I suggest you be thankful for all that your people have been given here for years and years and go back home and work on yourselves and YOUR COUNTRY.I MEAN DO YOU KNOW HOW FOOLISH YOU ALL LOOK WALKING OUR STREETS FLYING YOUR FLAG. WHAT A JOKE!!!!


  22. BROWN IN WHITE on said:


  23. Danielle Medina on said:

    You are wrong in your assessment that the Mexicans owned the land of what is now the 50 states of America first-check out any Native American map online that shows the history before Christopher Columbus and the different European nations came to colonize the Americas-it shows the Aztecs living below the territories of what would become the U.S.-even the southwest states which were part of Mexico before they were part of the U.S. The Native Americans had their own distinct nations and territories, as shown on the maps. The Mexican people did not even exist at that time. Only the Native Americans have a true claim to the 50 states of the U.S.-everyone else-including Mexicans-is an immigrant.

  24. Danielle Medina on said:

    P.S. I myself am half Hispanic, yet my entire family came here legally and assimilated. I feel geniune pity for fellow Hispanics who are as American as I am-like the guy in my above post.

  25. Danielle Medina on said:

    Whoops-I meant ABOVE my post!

  26. Anything you Americans have to say about Hispanics is just racist.. You guys tend to find excuses to kick us out of your country it’s because you are jealous of the help we give to this country, we are hard workers . Most of the excuses you make are not even true. You say Mexicans are disrespectful? Hell no you have the wrong people. Mexicans are loyal and respectful. Get your facts straight because all Mexicans have been taught better , they have manners. And to the girl that is basically calling all Mexican men perverts and have no respect for females? … That’s all men . White,black,Hispanic,Asian,etc. shut up alright all this bs your saying is just stupid excuses. Incase you didn’t know Mexican men are the more respectful kind alright so just stop it.

  27. Melanie on said:

    I grew up having Mexican friends who immigrate with their families from Mexico when my friends were young. Having the last name Chavez, most Mexicans thought I was Hispanic, but I am actually Spanish,French, and Native Indian. Despite their parents not knowing English, my friends went onto college and did great things. I enjoyed their culture and their rice. Loved the rice. They always told me that I needed to learn Spanish because that is pretty much what they spoke. We are now all married with children. They married Men from Mexico while I married an Irish/Italian American. Their children speak Spanish and my children do not. My children, who are American citizens are treated second in our schools so that Mexican immigrant children can be taught English. My friends only watch Mexican TV shows and only speak Spanish in their house. Their older son recently moved in with a young Mexican girl who recently came to the United States with two kids from some other man in Mexico. The son has now gotten this same girl pregnant which will make 3 kids.This girl doe not speak English. My friend celebrated this by throwing a huge party. Why would I take my kids to a celebration for a young girl, who does not speak English and is pregnant with her 3rd child. What kind of example would this be to my 3 girls? It’s really sad because our traditions have gotten in the way of our friendship. Not to mention that while they are sticking to their strong Mexican traditions, I am having to pay for tutoring because our teachers have to spend their time working with the Mexican kids pouring into our schools. I had to take my kids out of a school because there were too many Mexican immigrant kids taking up the teacher’s time because they came here not knowing English. I spent many years volunteering in the classrooms and being assigned these Mexican immigrant children in my reading and math groups. You think their parents ever smiled back at me when I smiled at them or waved. Nope, they turned their heads. I now unfortunately have an entirely different view on recent Mexican immigrants. This is not racism. Whether we are white, Mexican American, Indian or Chinese; if we are American citizens then we all share the same problem. These Mexican immigrants are coming over the border not knowing English and our children are paying the price because our children are being treated as second to these Mexican immigrants and we created the laws to allow this! There are so many Mexicans coming over, they are flooding our parks. My husband is in probation, we could not take our family to the park because there were too many Mexicans there playing their Mexican music with kids that looked like they were be on his probation list. This is a real problem that we need to solve fast. I am seeing more and more of them in our town. They are now entering my girls new school and the teachers once again are having to teach these kids English which is taking time away from my children. Our school district is now giving awards to Mexican immigrant children for knowing two languages. Who do you think taught them English? It wasn’t their parents. It was our teachers and our parent volunteers who were forced to teach these kids English while many American children did not get the help that they needed in the classrooms. Our tax dollars are going to teaching these Mexican immigrants instead of to our American children.

  28. Melanie on said:

    I would also like to add that these Mexican immigrants keep showing up to the school with more children. Yes,their families are growing which leaves the parents with no time to learn English. One family has 6 kids and the mom is pregnant again. Again, the mom does not know English. I volunteered in the classroom to help my daughter because she is struggling in the classroom. Instead, I was placed with the Mexican immigrant children. I helped teach these kids math and reading. I finally took my daughter out of this school so that she could get the help she needed.

  29. FACT;

    From The U.S. Census reports that the number of American Indians or Alaska natives represents 1.5% of the total population of the United States.

    Therefore the rest of us are ‘imports’ Native Americans owned and roamed the land freely and at first welcomed the white man look how they live now after they were hunted like animals, raped and murdered, the few survivors were forced into prison camps we called ‘reservations’ that at best are slums. They have little chance at survival past age 50, education for them is laughable. Opportunities simply do not exist, No school off a reservation teaches any native American language and every time they get close to success or have any plan to better themselves the mighty US government shuts them down most of the time.

    While we continue our embarrassing history of treatment toward Native Americans we give enormous foreign aid to countries who hate us and also proudly go off to war to help people in other countries who also hate us. Some like Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan get both military and financial help…

    yet we do squat for the people we stole this land from.

    Educators claim we learn what to do in the future by learning about the past.

    While we certainly can not undo the injustices done to American Native Tribes , we can and should learn a lesson that already shows the same things we did to them are now being done to us. as we forced Indians to learn English, we are forced to learn their Spanish language.
    As Indians helped settlers survive here, we give ILLEGALS welfare for their kids including housing subsidies, food, clothing, electricity, free cel phones, free health care, free educations and so much more

    Just as Indians did for our ancestors, we welcomed them into our country where they overstayed their welcome, took everything they can get, their gangs bring drugs, weapons and horror to our neighborhoods and our children and force whites, blacks and Asians out of their neighborhoods and homes once they move in.

    just like the early settlers they do not care about our culture. our ways, our history. They demand to be here without helping this country at all.

    I say kick out all ILLEGAL immigrants and start giving the few Native Americans still alive those opportunities and help them.

    Do you realize that while the US government keeps cutting services to US Senior Citizens and cutting educational benefits and health care for wounded and ill US Veterans who fought for this country, they keep taxing us higher to give foreign aid and increasing aid including better FREE health care and Subsidized or FREE higher educations to those here ILLEGALLY.

    When I served the Army told me that working and risking my life for $98 a month IF I survived I would get free health care for the rest of my life. That changed in 1990 when the first low life traitor Bush was elected . He got legislation passed that requires all veterans to co-pay for their treatment while he also did nothing but help ILLEGALS get better health care totally free.

  30. I must add that VA Health care is not quite 1/2 as good as getting treated by either a Witch Doctor or Voodoo Doctor. MY foreign born and highly undereducated India Indian, Pakistani and Russian doctors either never attended medical school or slept during all classes.

    Examples of why I refuse to go the the VA

    Went for rabies shots after being bitten by a feral cat. Doctor from India insisted “cats do not carry rabies, Bats carry rabies”

    Russian Doctor sent me home without treatment after I returned home from South East China with a 103.5 fever sweating my butt off wearing only a T Shirt on a sub zero day that had over 3′ of snow on the ground. I had SARS

    years later I told the same doctor I bit on a hard potato chip and a sliver went between my gum and the back side of my front tooth. It became infected and swollen. I went to the VA for treatment and antibiotics. She stood 5′ away, told me to open my mouth and immediately stated “I see nothing” I lost the tooth and suffered pain for several months being out of work and unable to pay for dental treatment. The tooth came out by itself from the infection. IT was in perfect condition.

    I went to the VA Hospital in East Orange NJ . Got there at 07:20 am suffering from kidney stones . I was the 2nd man to arrive. The first also had complaints of kidney stones and the 3rd had chest pains. 1st guy went in around 9am and was told he did not have kidney stones, He left by 10am. around noon the 3rd guy went in. He left before 1pm told he was OK .

    I was seen at 4:10pm and also told I did not have kidney stones.

    The wife of the 3rd man arrived back and began swearing and screaming at the doctor . She wisely took her husband to a different hospital where they told her if she got there any later her husband would be dead. He had a heart attack and those chest pains would have killed him if not for what she did.

    I passed my stones the following day. Months later I saw the 1st guy who told me he also passed the kidney stones they told him he did not have .

    For me to get to cruddy poor criminally bad health care, I must drive 1.5 hours each way and pay $7.50 in tolls each way to hospitals with limited hours and outdated equipment.‎

    ILLEGALS get to go to local hospitals that they can walk to in a few minutes where they get 100% FREE top quality charity health care.

  31. Chris on said:

    The majority of Americans are in FAVOR of immigration——-as long as that immigration is LEGAL and the “immigrants” follow the laws of the country they are entering. Why do Latinos continually diss the USA when most other countries, including many Latin American countries, are VERY strict about their immigration policies. Illegals freely walk across the border into the USA and expect to be treated as a regular immigrant. The USA has laws you know. Just look at how Mexico dealt with our military serviceman Tamorissi !! I have gone to Mexico several times and in ALL CASES was required to FREQUENTLY show my VISA which allowed me access….in the USA you are considered a RACIST if you ask to see ID. This entire immigration story is completely ridiculous.

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