Why do most Hispanics stay poor?

At our LinkedIn group discussion a member expressed his disagreement with my ealier post Latinos Are Too Focused on Material Success stating that “the numbers do not show it.”  That is true.  Interestingly, I just came across an article I wrote for Quirks Magazine, which was published in April, 1998.  Eleven years later some of what I wrote there still applies.  Here is a segment of the article pertaining to why Hispanics stay poor.  For the whole article please go here.

The U.S. is the land of opportunity. Over the years, immigrants from all over the world have come to this country and managed to work hard to improve their economic situation. What is different about the Hispanic immigrants? To answer that question, you have to take into account the fact that the times have changed. Today ’s immigrants do not arrive here by breaking all ties with their homelands. While just a century ago people would take a long boat trip across the Atlantic to get to this country, today’s immigrants can move here overnight and go back to visit the following week. They never have to lose touch. From the airlines to the telephone to the television and even the Internet, new immigrants can keep in touch with their homeland.

Even in this country, the Hispanic community keeps in touch by creating its own home away from home. Hispanics have Spanish television, can read most product labels in Spanish, can easily purchase their favorite ethnic food at the local supermarket or bodega, and can socialize with others who speak their language and share their culture. This is indeed very different from the old melting pot culture where immigrants forced their children to forget their mother tongue and become part of the new culture. Hispanics place a high value on being able to maintain their customs, language, and culture. The U.S. freedom allows it, and it is indeed attractive. Yet, I argue that not “melting into the pot” creates a difficult situation that leads to lower income.

By insisting on being “different,” Latinos are promoting discrimination. When Puerto Ricans wear their flag on everything from their cars to their T-shirts, they are making a statement that says, “I am proud of my heritage,” but it is often read as “I am not part of this country.” That leads to a common reaction: “Well, get the heck out!” which is also known as discrimination. Discrimination often leads to a lower income. This is especially true of Hispanic communities that consist of individuals with minimal education and labor skills. These communities depend on the jobs provided by members of an outside community. The number of Hispanic businesses that provide job opportunities to their own community is extremely low, compared to other ethnic groups like Asian Americans. There are exceptions. One, of course, is the Cuban community in Miami, whose Hispanic-owned businesses hire four times as many people than Hispanic- owned businesses in New York City.

Besides discrimination, there are other factors that affect income. To keep their culture, Hispanics often move near other Hispanics in typical Latino neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods have deteriorated — victims of crime and drug problems. To complicate matters, public education systems in many Latino neighborhoods are overcrowded and underfinanced. As a result, Hispanic young people are not receiving an equal education. Since English is not the language of choice in most Hispanic neighborhoods, and the schools are not adequate, many Latinos are not proficient enough in English to obtain decent employment. What is worse, because Spanish is not taught in school, many Hispanic Americans grow up not knowing how to read and write in Spanish.

Despite my contention that Latinos would be better off financially if they tried to blend into the American culture, I don ’ t agree with that approach. Looking at the situation from an economic standpoint you must give value to the desire of Hispanics to keep their customs, language and culture. I argue that this value is so high that it justifies whatever negative effects may occur — discrimination, lower income, or even bad neighborhoods. Since the Hispanic population continues to grow at a higher rate than any other minority group, these problems will eventually disappear. Even today, Spanish culture is quickly becoming ingrained into the American culture. Tacos are now as popular as hot dogs and hamburgers in the typical American diet, and Spanish words are becoming part of the American language — ¿Comprende?

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  1. Sergio on said:

    I agree with some but not everything that you are saying. I understand the example of Puerto Ricans wearing and flaunting their flag and how Americans can get upset over that. But you can’t tell a Puerto Rican to get out when the island itself is a commonwealth of the United States. My opinion as to why latinos stay poor has to do with the lack of education. But not just the lack of education here in the US-the lack of education back home. You have to find the root of the problem-most people that migrate to the US haven’t even finished 6th grade in their homeland. How can they get educated when-first, there is no plan to stop immigration, there is no plan to setup a program to educate the people and introduce them to a new life with rules and regulations. Dont get me wrong- I completely understand why Americans get upset and they have every right to criticize us because the stereotype wont change until the masses change so we can seem less naive, ignorant and callous. Saludos.

  2. Ricardo A. López on said:

    Sergio, I do have the tendency to simplify things in order to drive home a point. Yes, I agree, education is a very significant component in this equation. However, I still argue that, in an effort to maintain our culture and heritage, we make ourselves stand out; and people have trouble dealing with other people that they perceive as different from themselves. By not blending in we create prejudices; which can lead to discrimination; and that, one would infer, interferes with income generating opportunities. Thanks for posting!

  3. Otto Rodriguez on said:

    I truly believe that Latinos “remain poor” because a large majority of these immigrants come to this country strictly to work and many (if not all) ultimately end up sending most of their earnings back home to support their families. This “altruistic responsibility” to “help out the family members left behind” is truly representative of the Latino mindset and clearly corresponds with the “strong family bond” that truly characterizes our Hispanic culture.

  4. Ismael Hernandez on said:

    That is why we must advocate the importance of gaining that educational asset our culture needs. It is ridiculous to see my people pride themselves fancying a Chevy Suburban with 24inch rims and a typical sticker demonstrating what “Pueblo” they come from. And yet they struggle to meet ends meat. That is why we are mostly targeted. We have a mass labor field. Most of labor is going abroad. So what skills are Latinos going to rely on? America is a system that crops the brightest and most talented people in the world. I truly believe it’s our time. We must see that reality.

  5. Brown Pride on said:

    Hey, uh wtf, what am i doing here?
    oh yeah shit i think that we are already taking over.
    World-wide we have next to china’s population. Hispanics are dedicated, yet we do not have the resources other races have. And the ones who do succeed in America or have succeeded have married into white culture and adopted white customs, leaving their latino heritage behind. This is selfish and naive, if successful latinos back in the 80′s and 90′s weren’t so selfish, we would probably be at the top. But now we have to the process all over. Also black people are lazy since my friend, who is black openly admitted that just because he was black, he could get into any college or he would call them racist…thats how lazy they are. Most blacks i work with talk instead of working and they laugh hysterically while on the job. We hispanics might make a joke or two then chuckle but thats about it.
    Point is, we have higher values and virtues. We have religion to keep us going and strive for a better life. Yet I am not racist against blacks i am just stating my experience and pointing out the obvious flaws of being black. There recently has been alot of all-black colleges shutting down due to poor grades. The u.s. is scared to make an all latino school because they know we will succeed and eventually take over. Were just as smart as the white man, if not smarter, only difference is that were more attractive. Also, it is unfair to let let one race have a private organization and not the other. I see a future as hispanics with the leading race. Not a dream, as dreams are but a mere vision which can only be seen. A future goal can be reached. With due time, we will overcome.

  6. Patricia on said:

    I am not prejudiced,just plain do not “get it” for immigrants. Also, from curiousity,why do the people change thrir religion whe coming here to the U.S.? Am arguing any one point,just am curious over theses items,so please don’t take the wrong way, Thank you.

  7. Ricardo A. López on said:

    Patricia, no offense taken at all! As far as changing religion; most Latinos were born Roman Catholic and the majority continues to be part of the Roman Catholic Church. However, U.S. acculturation brings exposure to many things including other religions. Latinos tend to be very spiritual and new immigrants who find it difficult to adapt to their new country seek comfort in their religion. The Catholic church in the U.S. is struggling because it is loosing many non-Hispanic members while gaining thousands of new Hispanic immigrants. As a result the Catholic church has seen itself turning Hispanic very quickly and many in the church have resisted this change. As a result of its inability to embrace the new Latino immigrants in many of its parishes; many Latinos have left to join chruches that are more welcoming to them.

  8. Hispanics are poor as a population in America because they are too different from “real” americans. If Hispanics want what “white” americans have then they need to make the decision to assimilate into white american culture. (because that is where the wealth is)

    It should not be a groundbreaking discovery that everyone prefers to be around people that are similar to themselves. It might be racist and wrong but it is the reality of nature.

    Also, I think that many americans resent when they meet 2nd and 3rd generation hispanics that still don’t speak english. It really reinforces bad stereotypes. It looks bad for all immigrants.

  9. Robert on said:

    The town I live in used to be a sleepy little Florida town of 7500. Then Puerto Ricans start the mass influx into here but not to live here as Americans….they create their own little sub-cultures and that goes completely against the immigration values set by the European immigrants. And they wonder why the blacks, whites, and other races show little or no tolerance.
    Because they pretty much stick to their own the learning of english is not a concern of theirs, and never will…….they are overwhelming the public school system by doing this.
    80% of crime in this town is done by hispanics because their lack of assimilation has left them in dead end jobs and crime is only going to get worse as the economy flounders.
    I know Puerto Ricans are citizens but they need to quit trying to change this country into the country that they abandoned……if they are proud of it, move back.
    I served with Puerto Rican soldiers in Iraq and Bosnia while in the Army. We still keep in touch and they are about as disgusted as I am with the lack of effort to assimilate. Mexicans are hurting the PR reputation because most white/black/asian/ect people don’t appreciate the running up of government entitlements. As long as the hispanics don’t assimilate they will always be seen as invaders.

  10. Robert on said:

    English is one of the toughest languages in the world to learn, but like Mike said, most US citizens just resent 2nd and 3rd generation hispanics that have made no attempt to learn english. To make that worse, our politicians voted down making english the official language and that is absurd. My family immigrated here from Romania so if we can assimilate so can the puerto Ricans.

  11. Jorge on said:

    Although I realize the need to master the spoken language wherever you live, I totally disagree with the need to assimilate where compliance with the law and violation of moral rules is not in question. To angrily expect others to assimilate to YOUR notions of normal is completely immature and somewhat sociopathic. Picture this, I have seen bred and born white Georgians driving around in predominantly black neighborhoods in flaunting rebel flags and Son of the Confederacy stickers on their trucks, both symbols of antebellum slavery and segregation. They expect no retaliation because they feel assured of their freedom of expression, yet they rail and rant when they see a Puerto Rican flag hanging from the back of someone else’s car. On a more precise note, I have had total strangers interrupt quiet conversation in Spanish between me and my family in a restaurant to ask us “habla ingles”, “comprende, comprende?” in a loud voice and hand me a brochure claiming to teach me how to raise my children. Folks need to remember that rude, boorish and nosy are universal concepts percieved by all cultures and they need to grasp a concept that seems novel to many in this country, minding one’s own business…

  12. Susan on said:

    Hispanics, just like Italians, Irish, Greeks, etc. can and should keep and be proud of their heritage. Being able to speak another language (or languages) is of great benefit. But, if hispanics want to live and PROSPER in ANY other country, they truly need to learn to speak, read and write the predominant language in that country and assimilate into that culture. When they don’t, it truly hinders them, appears arrogant and demonstrates an unwillingness to blend in. No other ethnic group in U.S. history has come to this country and expected the rest of us to change for them. I have hispanic friends, fellow employees and acquaintances. It saddens me that they do not understand how they are literally “shooting themselves in the foot,” and causing GENERATIONS of their children and families to remain poor. I really think that our government has perpetuated this. Hispanics think that those who encourage them to keep speaking Spanish and keep flaunting their heritage. language and culture are on their side. In fact, I believe that those people and politicians have a secret agenda for Hispanics. Those politicians want you to keep speaking a foreign language, which they know will lead to poverty and discrimination. Then, they can appear to “rescue” you, when they are really only controlling you. I, personally, came from a very poor family, rampant with alcoholism and abuse. With only a 12-grade public education (no college) I have prospered because I focused on learning to read, write and speak very fluent English. I know that if you do that, and work hard, you can and will prosper in the United States of America. This “message” can only be delivered to Hispanics by Hispanics. Most Hispanics refuse to believe these truths when spoken by a non-Hispanic and usually accuse us of discrimination. For that reason, I’ve stopped trying to enlighten even close Hispanic friends. It’s up to your own “community” to “teach” each other. Only then will your families and children prosper in this country.

  13. The most insidious form of bigotry is the one unrecognized by the perpetrators. This country is full of citizens who are proud of their heritage and express it, as they have a right to, without eliciting the outrage or distress of anybody. We have all seen waves of ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’, ‘ Daughters of the Confederacy’, ‘American by Birth, Greek by the Grace of God’ ‘ ‘Italians and Wine get Better with Age’, ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’, ‘Proud to be Cherokee’, ‘One-half German is Better than None and many more graphic expressions of heritage pride everywhere in the U.S. but some choose to single out and be annoyed by heritage pride expressions by Puerto Ricans, they choose to doggedly assume that those who choose to express exclusively Puerto-Rican heritage pride are chauvinistic, lesser citizens, they insinuate that they belong to a more highly educated sector of society, yet make wildly inadecuate assumptions based on bumper stickers and T shirts that those even remedially skilled in deductive reasoning and validation would leer at. They perpetually harp and pine about aspects of Puerto Rican identity that they take objection to in a subjective manner, yet minimalize situations within their own housholds which affect the whole of society. It would probably serve them well to ponder that perhaps the root of their myriad problems is not the Puerto Ricans with the bumper stickers and the flags, it is THEM.

  14. Barbara on said:

    You want us to stop??? I will give you a few reasons why I won’t!!!!
    1. I was almost raped by an Mexican.
    2. Friend was killed by a drunk illegal.
    3. Yesterday an Mexican raped/robbed a woman broad daylight
    4. They have to many kids, needing food stamps, free medical, etc.
    5. The males are always ready for sex, being Female, and NO I do not DRESS un appropriately…they make their filty comments, like we don’t understand what they are saying.
    6. So I treat them all the same, unless I personally know and trust them.
    7. Steals landscaping equipment, raising my insurance rates.
    8. Don’t care if they are trying to make a better life for themselves, they come here doing this crap, don’t want them here. They brought the prejudice thing on themselves…
    9. 3 different groups of ILLEGAL’s have/is growing pot in our area……..you enter their property, through hiking, biking, horseback riding, they will kill you.
    10. Travel to Mexico, there is warnings all over the internet and t.v. warning of the dangers.
    11. Go into a grocery store, their KIDS are eating out of the bins of food, screaming, no parents around…
    12. I live in the agricultural area, they drink, aquire a vehicle, drive, cause accidents or they end up killing someone, of course they don’t have insurance, they just walk away.
    So with all this said…..how in the hell should we feel?

  15. anonymous on said:

    Hispanics stay poor in this country cause they don’t help each other. Jealousy, greed, envy and other feelings don’t let hispanics prosper. Only if they overcome those feelings they will be able to prosper. An educated hispanics get lay off while an asian(without education) is promoted to supervisor by his asian counterpart. Hispanics need to help other hispanics…..that’s the only way. Don’t expect the government to extend the hand and make you prosper.

  16. There is a Mexican law that states “if you are a Mexican citizen, that if your children are born in another country, they are still considered a Mexican citizen.” And down the line, if your children are born in America, they are still a mexican citizen.
    I’m not sure why hispanics come to America. Mexico’s unemployment is only around 4% Mexico gives women an children money for food, they have hospitals, they have universities and colleges.
    Hispanics really don’t like America. It shows in their racists comments.
    Actually I think that Texas gives alot to illegals. Well california also.
    Go to Texas, they have hispanic bank tellers, hispanics drs, etc. So don’t say Americans have not given

  17. Jorge, get over it! My grandfather came here from Italy and spoke no English. He learned English to get a job and support his family. His English wasn’t super great but it was proficient that’s all we ask. I work in a medical facility. Chinese, Russians, Poles you name it come up to me and try to ask for medical care in English. Sometimes it’s very broken English but they try. Hispanics come up and start speaking to me in rapid fire Spanish! Are you kidding me?! Then when any of us say we don’t speak Spanish they look at us like “Why not” Actually one of them said that. They say “somebody speak spanish?” meaning they want us to produce an employee that speaks Spanish. NOOOOOOO! Learn English! How arrogant can people be. My Cuban coworker asked a woman how long she has lived here and when she shocked us by saying 15 years my Cuban American friend even went off on her a little bit by saying, “What?! And you still don’t speak English?!” And the woman answered all her friends and her old job spoke Spanish so she didn’t have to learn English. THAT is why we Americans resent hispanics. The Indians (India) speak English, The Russians learn, the Chinese etc. But no, we have to cater to Spanish speakers. Absolutely wrong. Someone living here more than a year should have some English. And as for the Puerto Rican flag thing that is annoying too. I don’t fly the Italian flag. I am American and proud to be. The AMERICAN flag is what we should be flying. It’s good to be bilingual, nothing wrong with teaching your kids your native language BUT they should learn English fluently. In fact I say no English, no job. In Fact to be an American means people from all over the world came to a new country to be a NEW nationality called: AMERICAN. If the old country was just so super then go back. But if we live here let’s please assimilate. Stop expecting us to change for you. And yes I can speak Spanish pretty well, I grew up in a Spanish country and love the language. BUT I refuse to speak Spanish to someone who expects it of me. And the idiot in the government (I have no idea who or how this came to be)who started the whole “press 2 for Spanish” thing and put directions on labels and in stores in Spanish opened a whole can of worms and made the problem work. It’s like enabling an alcoholic, if you give him the booze he won’t quit. Well, as long as we keep making it so convenient for them to stay only in their own language and not learn the language of this land then we are enabling them. And they are hurting themselves and that’s why the Asians, European immigrants etc. kick butt because they assimilate, learn English and study to be something. Get a clue. Thank you

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Do not forget about it.Forgive me for mentioning this. Thus saith the Lord, Blessed are the poor for they are the kingdom of heaven.

  19. The white power strcture is contrary to
    Hispanic culture. You need money to function
    in this dynamic.
    I’m in Canada. It is even worse for us
    hispanics. Family life has no value here.
    Work is the only value. Gay marriage,
    drug abuse are encouraged (no offense
    to gay people). The cities are filled
    with humourless mentally disturbed people. Maybe
    off topic. I really can’t tolerate Canadian

  20. It saddens me, but a lot of what has been said here about hispanics is true. But one thing must be realized… the mayority of hispanic immigrants that come here are not the doctors, lawyers, entrepeneurs, or even middle class from their native country, they are ussually the uneducated, low or middle-low class who are scapping starvation, corruption and even violence. Their skill-set, education and even proper use of their own language is very limited. They distrust wealthy americans because they remind them of the wealthy class from their own country (which ussually follows american or european models)

    I was brought up in an educated family and when we moved to the united states my parents and even the family back home insisted that I should avoid other hispanics who didn’t come from specific backgrounds or seemed uncultured. And just to be safe, avoid people from certain nationalities and races altogether.
    Once in America i learned the language quickly and absorbed the culture, I even began playing blues and funk guitar with my american friends. But… with time, i have discovered that those same prejudices that I was taught to apply to others, were applied to me by americans. I speak fluent english, have a college degree, i consider myself to be very intelligent and responsible, I even look more italian than hispanic… and still i encounter some sort of resistance and prejudism from americans from time to time, especially when I shine a little too much at what I do.

    Today I don’t make a distinction between people. If someone speaks to me in spanish, I talk back in spanish, if english, then english. I don’t try to hide or overstate my background or make excuses for anything I do. I also understand why immigrants find refuge and confort in their own language, food, music, people… etc. And also, i understand why in order for hispanics in america to grow more educated and successful collectively is not simply a matter of language. It won’t happen in this generation but it will happen as more individuals succeed and become more supportive of their fellow hispanics and continue to pile achievements within american society

  21. Young Hispanic on said:

    I am 21 year old, 1st generation Hispanic. My dad is Mexican and my mother is Salvadorian. I am an American citizen born in California, currently living in Texas. My mom arrived here in the 90s and has always struggled to make sure that we are provided for. She and my dad have both worked hard jobs just to meet our basic needs. We would normally live paycheck to paycheck because the money was not enough. For a while we received stamps, but my parents did not want to depend on government help for too long. During my younger years, our socioeconomic class was lowest-of-low-middle class. Although my parents are still currently working “odd” jobs, we have been able to reach a point in our lives. I am now 21 and I can say that finally, after 21 years, we have reached middle-of-middle class as a family. I am currently in college, in a nursing program and will be the first in my family to acquire a degree and set down a foundation for the generations that will follow mine. All Hispanics did not come here at the same time. Others are currently about to start the long process of “being able to succeed.” Since many Hispanics are “new”, different variations in levels can be seen. Learning English is happening at a different rate for “new” Hispanics.
    In regards to the comment about taxes- Guess what(in case some of you didn’t know)–my mother and my father pay taxes and file taxes just like you “regular” folks. Can you imagine how much money Walmarts make out of us financially unblessed Hispanics? We pay cell phone bills, electric, home, gas, all types of products, car registration stickers, etc. And you don’t think some tax revenue comes from Hispanics? You think we don’t contribute to the taxes given to those in the poor class?

    Although Hispanics are not the only type of people who will flaunt their heritage around, the big picture paints that Hispanics are the main group of people who hold on to their cultural values the MOST. Many whites have decided to eradicate their roots out of their lives. I take a lot of time trying to analyze racial trends(that’s exactly how I even discovered this page). As a Hispanic, I am interested in making a difference. I want to be exposed to what my Hispanic people are accomplishing. I agree with negative, but also with positive characteristics of Hispanics. For example, yes, Hispanics can be ignorant, we can have people that are not aware or interested in advancing in the society, there are a lot of reported crimes that give us a bad name, and the list can go on. What some of you White posters on here don’t understand is that unless you have been or lived on the other side, you won’t really know what anyone goes through. A poster asked “If you love your homeland, why not go back?” Do white-posters on here not understand that poverty exists? Do you really think that Mexico offers you free water, free toilet paper when out in a public place? Do you think that “child labor” laws exist in Mexico? They do not. On a visit to Mexico, I saw a child approximately 6 years old selling candy on the streets while the traffic light was red. Everyone thinks of different services to try to make a “living”. These kids are lucky if they are wearing shoes. Do you think that Mexico has the FAFSA that the U.S offers to college students? If you have ever felt bad for a homeless person in the U.S., that’s nothing. At least the homeless here have a waterproof roof, you know, that thing we call a highway bridge and American homeless folks can indulge on the abundant amount of food that Americans WASTE. The trash cans in Mexico are not as fulfilling as the trash cans in America. Not only do people live under bridges in Mexico, but they will also be forced to make plastic, cardboard “houses” on the actual sidewalk, next to the road. So please, Americans/Whites, unless you have traveled out of this beautiful land America, please don’t tell us to simply “go back” if you don’t know what’s on the other side. In regards to comments like that, also, please don’t try to act like America didn’t steal a big chunk of land from Mexico. And in case your history or government professor was too conservative, a flash of news here for you: “Annexed” or “Annexation” is a euphemism for “Stealing.”

    America is an individualistic country. We value the individual more than the group. America is self centered and it’s always about “me..me…me.” One reason why I am proud of my heritage is because my culture has affected my interactions with others. I am not greedy, I take what I need, I am not materialistic, I am nice to everyone instead of having an automatic distance from strangers like Americans usually are taught to. “Family” are not the people I ignore. I love my family, I love family gatherings, I love loving life a little extra than the average American Joe. I love being human and complete and those are things my culture makes me feel. Some whites have chosen to eradicate their roots and “assimilate” and that is fine. But why ask or even suggest that with assimilation, eradication of one self’s roots is mandatory? I am American, I am Hispanic/Latina. I will be a useful member to society. Down the line, I would like to approach being a Nursing Practitioner. I am bilingual, with no accent. I am educated in the sciences. I have “assimilated.” I plan on teaching my children English AND Spanish. I plan on teaching them the Hispanic foods I love. I do not plan on giving in to “Cultural Genocide.”

    ‘Whites,’ if you are happy with the coldness, being bitter towards a set of people, having millions of meaningless human interactions, everyone is welcome to. But Dear ‘whites’(or others), with time, you will watch us evolve, and stand at “your high and more prestigious level.”

    America is one of the countries that do not teach the youth another language other than English. Other countries include from 3 or more languages in the curriculum. Americans are usually only able to speak what?—English? A lot of times, I have come across American-born people who don’t even fully understand their only language— English(misspellings, wrong word usage, wrong use of contractions, lack of understanding of language format). Kinda sad…
    Hispanics may be the slowest to progress out of the races, but one thing that Hispanic people in general have is pride. Our people do the most unwanted jobs…Dishwashers, housekeepers, sweaty construction jobs, leaf blowers, field workers,trash pickers. These jobs suck don’t they? But think of the last time that you’ve been at a homeless corner at a traffic light. What race do you see begging for money? Where I live in Texas, you will see a white man or a black man. Hispanics will work their butts off and work the most “unwanted”, embarrassing, or degrading jobs. But one thing honest Hispanics will not due is beg or give up.

    There’s a cycle to be broken by Hispanics and it will come, don’t fret over that.

    On a final note, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of ignorant comments that I read here were made by: White, Males or females, ranging from ages 25-50. My brain is 21 years old, Hispanic, young and for my brain to be more developed than a 40 year old, (possibly) white person, is pretty predictable, considering that you don’t have a passion for your culture or the roots from your ancestors. I know a lot of white educated people that are exposed to the world like I am. Become one of them. :)

  22. Because Hispanics are fine with it. They have a motto of life. They have horses, nice and simple house, chickens, roosters, they have cows, and they have workers working with him and are working such coffee, or corn, or whatever and have such simple cars like BMW or other source. Hispanics do not feel bad. But, the rich and wealthy people do not have horses, simple houses, and they have no horses, cows, chickens, and if the Americans displays with these ways must be a great sarcasm because they want to pretend to be poor. The reality Americans do not need that motto of life sources. Americans have lots of bigger sources of life such big houses as big mansions, lots of money kept in the bank, big business, and have yatches, and have no lands, and they are in a good condition of life. :) Americans are the rich and wealthy and the Hispanics are another source of motto of life. Some Hispanics comes just a tourists to U.S. to work and have fun. They do not plan to stay long. :)

  23. I think it’s rather unfair, that they have to live in such squalor. My question is, who on bloody Earth can they be so happy if they live in such squalor? How? I think it’s time that people would start paying attention to how unfair it is. The stereotypes are just as bad. I have taken an interest in these kind of subjects, it’s time to take action. This is coming from an underpriviledged white girl.

  24. Another, I feel guilty, us whites stole from Hispanics. Just like the Native Americans. It wasn’t fair that they took everything and left them with nothing. As for the term, illegal immigrant, how can they be illegal if they were here before the whites? How? European settlers were so greedy, they took so much land from the Native Americans and Hispanics, left them with nothing.
    I’m Jewish so I know how it feels because my people had similar difficulties, genocide and being thrown out of their land. Having their old land being taken over. Yeah. If it were up to me, the world would be divided. People would form their own empires. Utopias, that kind of thing. Not to sound racist, but white people caused most of the problems. We live in a dystopia. When I think about that stuff, it just doesn’t matter. Life is terrible, but as long as you can count your blessings, you’ll live.

  25. Because, they are stupid! plain and simple, they don’t welcome change. BTW, I’m Hispanic! Oh, they still believe white complexion is superior, Hispanics are just ignorant, and most have low IQs.

  26. csfstudent on said:

    We need Latinos to get educated and that is it! Education is the key to get a good job and life.

  27. I think Hispanics stay poor because most of them are uneducated. Certainly this is true of the illegals. They come here without a visa, they only want to make a quick buck by living off the system (not paying taxes, etc.). Also Hispanics have a “woe is me”; a victim’s mentality. This is the sort of mentality that “group X owes my Y and Z”. This sort of mentality is great way to make excuses for yourself. It’s great to say well, if I can’t get a job, it must be because I am Hispanic and the others were white. Well maybe you didn’t get the job because you don’t deserve it? Even if it’s true that you didn’t get the job because you’re Hispanic, create the job yourself. Don’t blame other groups and certainly don’t ask for handouts. The victim mentality destroys entire cultures in the long run (Hispanics, blacks, etc.) In the end, they have only themselves to blame and that is the true irony. After all look at countries like Mexico – there aren’t any whites there. If things would be so great without white people, why are latin countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. such dumps?

  28. latinos are poor simply, because they want to be! why do asians, jews, muslims, and russians make it is this land of opportunity? when are latinos going to take responsibility for the fact that they are just lazy!

  29. Hispanics stay poor cause they don’t help each other. They screw each other in other back in a heartbeat. For your info their kids are just as rotten in not worse! For a race that can’t be bothered to learn the damn language. They have no problem learning the white mans (throw each others ass under the bus) way of life. I myself am 3rd generation Mex/American and I avoid dealing with people of my own culture for that reason alone. I have zero tolerance for BS and if you don’t help me, I will not help you either!!! Enjoy living in poverty as I prosper into a good life of my own adios!!

  30. Kyle on said:

    As an outsider, I pride the Latino community because of it’s strong family bonds, sense of community and willingness to work hard. With the growing population of Hispanics in the U.S. I don’t see “blending in” with the U.S. culture as a way to gain a better financial status. You would have more of an advantage selling your goods and services to these people, than a race outside of the Hispanic community would. Unfortunately, hard work is no longer the only requirement for a person financially better off. Working smarter is the key nowadays. Many like to blame a lower, formal education, as a culprit for financial struggles. In my own personal experience, I have learned that teaching myself has gone a much greater distance. I feel the way to a better financial path is simply read constantly, continue learning new USEFUL skills and learn to avoid instant gratification. Blending in may lead to a lower self worth, and that should not be worth the financial gain.

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