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Hello There!

I  just decided to take the plunge and start blogging.  There is a reason for my plunging.  For years I have been working on writing a book.  Okay, it’s worse.  I have started 3 books!  Completing a book seems to go against my ADHD nature.  It also goes against my Latino nature.  You need to be so darn structured to accomplish such a task!  My laid-back Hispanic character has been relying on the mañana syndrome and procrastinating writing for over 15 years;  yet there is so much that I want to share!  Perhaps it is just that I find myself unable to commit the time required to write a book; so I have turned to blogging.  Writing articles and short stories have never been a problem for me.  Perhaps this is the medium I have been waiting for.  We’ll see what mañana brings…

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